James Angelo

Competitively Priced, Proficient, Responsive, Reliable

I am the general manager of a busy full service hotel in Western Pa. As you can imagine keep the carpets and flooring clean and in good repair is both a necessity and also a challenge. About five years ago I reached out to a fellow hotelier to see who they were using for flooring care and he recommended Renae and Arnold Becker of Advanced Floor Care. They came in and walked the hotel and we decided to do a small test project. Let me tell you that one small “test” has turned into a five year-partnership, and friendship, that has been a huge benefit to our hotel. They are competitively priced, very proficient in their craft and maybe most importantly for us they are very responsive and reliable. Renae and Arnold deliver on all they promise. I cannot overstate how much I would recommend them for residential and commercial work.